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Georgian livestock is the best meat you can find in the whole world. Our meat is of the highest quality, sweetest and most tasty. We take special care of our livestock to make it well-developed, healthy and happy.

Since ancient times, characteristics and properties of farm animals have been passed on to their offspring. A cow that is fed with the right kind of fodder and combats disease will give birth to a healthy calf.And so it goes with breeding of animals that were once excellent in their field.

Georgian livestock is the best meat because of its taste, quality and tenderness. Our livestock is produced in a traditional way that has been used in Georgia since ancient times. When buying Georgian meat, you can be sure that it will not only be tasty, but also healthy because the animals are raised with care.

Georgia is the country that has been the home for cattle and sheep for about 10000 years. Georgian livestock is best meat you can find in the world.


The meat from animals raised in Georgia has significantly lower fat content than other species and does not have a strong smell.
As such, it is commonly used for steak and other high quality cuts.
Our grass fed beef goes through a special process before being distributed to our clients. This process includes strictly following cold chain procedures, daily monitoring of carcass chilling and processing temperatures, as well as providing specific food safety controls and monitoring by highly trained staff

The best meat comes from 100% pure breed animals. When eating meat from our cattle, you can experience the premium taste and tenderness of superior quality natural beef.

Black Sea the ideal Region :
Geogia’s black sea livestock is the best in the world. th reason is because our livestock have been selected for centuries by our farmers on the basis of finest quailities, in terms of reproduction and meat production. as an example, it takes only 5 years for a white angus cow to produce 1000 kgs of beef, while it takes 8 years for georgian cow to do the same thing.
The Black Sea region of Georgia is known as the home of some of the best livestock in the world. Adjacent to Turkey, and surrounded by the sea, high humidity and clean air are ideal for breeding cattle, sheep and goats here. As a result, many Georgian livestock farmers only sell their best stock – they don’t have to breed more because they have got all the customers they need.
Livestock Exports :
Georgian animals are famous in the world for their quality, which is not surprising, because in addition to the premium quality of pasture they receive, they also have a centuries-old tradition of rearing livestock. Georgian livestock has been exported to many countries throughout the world and has become especially popular in countries like Turkey, Iran and Iraq. The main reason why these animals are so loved by their masters is that they are excellent producers of meat and milk, as well as wool and leather.
Georgia is rich in cattle breeding. There are over 60 breeds of cattle, including the fat-tailed, aurochs and Georgian grey. The best of Georgian livestock goes to Russia and other CIS countries.
Georgian livestock is unique in the world, it has a special genetic code, which is created by a long-term isolation, migration and adaptation to the region. This includes both domestic animals, such as cows and sheep (upwards of 100 species), as well as wild ones such as deer, roe deer and boar.
The Role of the Ministry :
Livestock in Georgia is a complex and multidimensional system. The fundamental mission of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia is to ensure sustainable development, increase productivity and efficiency of livestock breeding, local food production and processing.

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