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Demand for investment in Georgia is growing due to the possibility of Georgia joining the European Union. Investing is one of the best ways to immigrate to Georgia. now Georgia hosts investors from many countries like India, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Arab countries such as Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. New investment tariffs for 2021 have also been announced by the government.

Investment In Georgia

Georgia is still the leading economy in Eastern Europe. This development has also allowed Georgia to grow in other areas of trade. All this creates opportunities for smart business investments in this country. In general, after the development in various commercial and economic fields, a lot of investments have been made in this country. There have been several positive economic and trade developments in this country, which point to the favorable economic situation in this country.

The Best Investment Opportunities In Georgia:

Georgian Residency

Investing in real estate is one of the best, easiest and fastest ways to invest and get a residence in Georgia. Georgia has experienced significant economic growth in recent years, which is why many citizens of other countries, have sought to obtain Georgian residency through the purchase of real estate. In order to purchase real estate in Georgia, applicants can own a home in Georgia for at least US $100,000. During the property purchase process in Georgia, applicants are granted one-year residency, which can be extended every year for up to 5 years, and after 6 years, they will be able to obtain permanent residency in Georgia. It should be noted that during these 6 years if the applicants for investment in Georgia sell their property, they can extend their stay by buying another property of the same value.



What are The Best Investment Business Opportunities In Georgia

Real Estate Business

Investing in the tourism industry in Georgia is another investment opportunity. Considering that in 2019, more than 7.7M tourists visited Georgia. Investing in this industry has the least risk.

Such as the construction of the hotel, the construction of the restaurant, a coffee shop, tourist transfer, etc.

Investing in the agricultural industry:

We have already mentioned that due to the following reasons, Georgia is very suitable for investing in agriculture and animal husbandry:

1- Cheap labor

2- uniformity of rainfall throughout the year

3- Abundance of water resources and virgin land

4- Cheap agricultural tools, equipment, and tools due to imports without customs tariffs from the EU and USA

5- Abundance of free fodder for livestock according to the amount of rainfall in Georgia

6- The support of the Georgian government to the investor in the field of land transfer




real estate business

Buying a property and obtaining a residence permit in Georgia, Georgian real estate consultant, investing in Georgia, obtaining a Georgian residence permit for all family members (free of charge), setting up a business and presenting economic plans and quick return on business in Georgia, design and supervision and implementation in Reconstruction of apartments, purchase of land in Georgia and review of the architect and obtaining legal construction permits in Georgia from the municipality and relevant bodies, providing various administrative and legal services with the department consisting of Georgian translators and official lawyers.


What We Do

Entrepreneurs looking for the best opportunities in a rapidly growing economy will find it simple to relocate and benefit from Georgia’s abundant resources in a variety of fields, including industrial, commercial, agricultural and services

Agro Industrial Business Consulting Services

Your goal is to generate higher income? Safe Country, Clean Environment, Growing Economy? The best solution is to move your business overseas, It won't only expand your market, It will also give you the opportunity to become a global citizen.

Financial Market Trade Consulting

GGT provides highly competitive trading conditions on 7000+ stocks, forex, commodities, indices, and ETFs from 18+ global markets, with spreads starting at zero pips, zero commissions, fast execution, and no minimum deposit. Furthermore, the Group is well-known for providing excellent client service, daily technical reports, free webinars, and dedicated account managers, ensuring a best-in-class trading experience for clients in over 20 countries.

Blockchain Ecosystem Consulting

Our blockchain consulting service helps you throughout the whole blockchain adoption cycle. We provide the best platform for creating the perfect strategy for full project life cycle.

Real Estate Consulting

Real estate investment has been one of the favorite sectors to a lot of investors because a lot of reasons, Our strategy and tactics will help you to get the highest ROI

Procurement Management

The procurement professional embraces placing orders with suppliers, order confirmation, making payments, and ensuring correct and timely delivery of the ordered product/service. Procurement leverages existing supply chains to ensure a consistent flow of supplies to the organization

Capital Sourcing

Funding corporate growth requires a holistic view of the financial and operational goals of a business. Having strong relationships with capital sources can help you meet your objectives.

Immigration Consulting

We offer full legal support to our clients who want to move overseas. We are aware of the challenges and obstacles that face an immigrant.

Import & Export Activities

GGT is a team specializing in the export and export of premuim innovative products and industrial know-how. We've formed strategic alliances and joint ventures with some of the world's most prestigious companies, providing a one-of-a-kind value proposition. Food & Beverages, Chemicals products , Electric Vehicles, Patent Electric Vehicles parts , German Photovoltaic Panels , and Software Development are all part of our offering. We are dedicated to offering products and services that meet the highest quality requirements,  sustainable, and have strict quality control, and are presented in a creative manner.

Sourcing Services

Professional is entrusted with the strategy, research, and establishment of quality metrics. Sourcing involves all actions related to identifying and engaging the best suppliers possible for goods and services, including vetting, selecting and hiring, and managing suppliers for optimal price/quality and performing supplier risk analysis. Continual evaluation and analysis of the supply market and negotiation of purchase terms and conditions also fall under sourcing. It is an essential job of sourcing, for example, to negotiate pricing based on volume purchases. Strategic sourcing, especially in challenging times, avoids problems, mitigates disruption, and promotes supply chain and economic stability. Sourcing enables procurement.

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